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RS Rialto Pro Caye

Quick Overview 

  • RS's most advanced racket technology to date
  • Perfect for both amateurs and professionals
  • RS 3D + Grid Lock system on the surface, for maximum spin
  • Unique sweet spot both vertically and horizontally, based on advanced engineering


The RS Rialto Pro Cayetano Rocafort is RS's most innovative racket to date. With loads of new features, this racket is perfect for both amateurs and advanced professional players.

The racket offers an extremely good spin as it is equipped with both a 3D pattern and RS's own grid lock technology (the grid pattern that is slightly raised from the surface of the racket) which gives extra spin on the ball.

On the sides of the racket you will find the RS Stabil Driver which, simply put, gives this padel racket optimal reduction of negative effect on shots that do not hit the middle of the sweet spot. The advanced geometry is developed by RS which provides maximum ball control, forgiving feel in oblique hits and a perfect balance of the racket head.

RS's new Radial Tight hole pattern distributes the racket's properties over a significantly larger surface of the racket's hitting surface, and both the power and the feel increase over a larger surface than what you are used to from traditional padel rackets.

RS always recommends using frame protectors.


  • Shape: Drop shape
  • Frame: 100% Carbon Fiber
  • Surface: 3K Aluminised Carbon Fiber
  • Surface: 3D RS logos and RS Grid Lock Technology
  • Core: RS EVA Pro Rubber Soft
  • Profile: 38 mm
  • Balance: Average
  • Weight: 365 +/- 10 g

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